Tweed Fair 2017

Tweed and District Horticultural Society will be sponsoring some exhibits in Horticulture this year for the Tweed Fair. The following is a list of entries and prizes. We have entries in adults and juniors. Tweed Fair is July 7th to 9th. All entries must be at the fair grounds on Friday July 7th and set up before noon. Judging starts at noon. Juniors can pick up their prize money at the white building at noon on Saturday.


1. An arrangement of flowers and greens with a Canada Day theme. Accessories can be added.
2. A mixed arrangement of flowers and greens in cup and saucer.
3.  Miniature arrangement not to exceed 3 inches in any direction.
4.  A planter of mixed annuals and/or perennials with a container 12 inches in diameter or larger.
5. A planter using a hypertufa item as the container.
6.  A hanging basket planted with a mix of red and white flowering annuals and trailing plants.
7.  An arrangement of mixed evergreens and natural items like seed pods and birch bark.
8. Make a quilt square using flower heads placed flat to create a design in an 8 inch square pan. Foliage optional.
9. An arrangement in a coffee mug.
1st—$8    2nd—$7    3rd—$6


Age 4-5-6

1. A picture made of seeds and/or dried legumes glued on a paper plate.
2. Two stems of flowers and foliage in a soup can decorated in red and white.
3. An animal creature made out of vegetables and/or fruit.
4. A variety of 4 different kinds of cones collected from the woods and displayed on a plate.
5. Make a bird feeder using a pine cone as a base.

Age 7-8-9

1. A Canada Flag made of seeds and/or dried legumes glued to a paper plate.
2. A bouquet of mixed flowers in a coffee mug.
3. A bristol board with pictures showing all the Canadian provincial flowers and labelled with their flower name and province.
4. Using natural products like birch bark, seeds, cones, etc to make a picture in a lid of a shoe box.
5. Decorate a pine cone to make a Christmas ornament.

Age 10-11-12

1. An all natural center piece made with evergreens. Can include pine cones, seed heads, thistles, etc.
2. A bouquet of mixed flowers in a child’s rubber boot.
3. An arrangement of flowers with a Canada Day theme. Accessories can be added.
4. A collection of photos of your family garden on bristol board.
5. A red and/or white flower made of tissue paper
displayed on a plate.

1st—$5    2nd—$4    3rd—$3