President’s Message 2017

As I reflect on the accomplishments of 2016, I am filled with gratitude for all the wonderful support and encouragement that I received from so many. As a team, we cared for and renewed gardens, learned from one another and from guest speakers, hosted garden tours and initiated fundraising for the improvement of the pathways in Moira Memorial Gardens. We reached out to young people by offering workingshops and providing local schools with butterfly kits. Our desire to collaborate wit othr community groups resulted in displays and monetary support for the Tweed Fair. And our very successful plant sale helped community membrs fill their own gardens with flowers and vegetables. Yes, we had a busy year with lots to celebrate.

Now it’s time to put up a new calendar and launch into 2017. Taking the successes of the past year with us, we’ll continue to share, to learn, to dig and to plant together. From our handiwork, residents in our community and guests from afar will see the fruits of our labour and will undeerstand our commitments for and pride in Tweed and its surroundings.

We are proud to have been selected as one of Canada’s communities that will showcase a 150th Birthday Celebration Garden for all who visit the area. Our picturesque town will be enhanced with floral displays of Canada’s flag and splashes of red and white throughout all of our gardens. We look forward to enhanced memorial gardens with accessible paths for all to enjoy. And we are thrilled that we will be able to share our beautiful community with members of Region 3 when we host the AGM in the spring.

Let’s put our gardening gloves on and join hands to make 2017 a memorable year of growing together.

Elizabeth Churcher