Year End Celebrations

It looked like Christmas when members arrived at the December meeting of the Tweed and District Horticultural meeting…. bright red tablecloths on the tables with poinsettias and smiling snowmen decorations! So festive!!!

And the meeting was all about celebrating…. not only the upcoming holiday season but members of the club.

2022 was declared the Year of the Garden and our “Garden Hero” for the year was Elizabeth Churcher. Elizabeth works with our club, the St Andrew’s Church gardenand the Gateway Community Health Centre’s garden. Congratulations, Elizabeth!

Valerie Foran (left) vice-president of Tweedhort presents Elizabeth Churcher with her “Garden Hero: award.

Members received pins from the Horticultural Society for their service to the club.  A very special congratulations to Ray and Jean Clark for their 35 years of service! Linda Holmes, Penny Vance and Darlene Elson received their 25-year pins. Congratulations to the members who received their 20, 15,10 and 5 year pins…. the club would not be able to function without your support.

Joan Morton (left) presents Darlene Elson (centre) and Linda Holmes with their 25 year membership pins.

Linda Holmes presented her annual multimedia presentation about the yearly Horticultural activities in Tweed…. gardens, meetings speakers, activities and this year she incorporated the history of the organization into the presentation. Thank you, Linda for all your work in preparing this as it is always enjoyed by the members. 

Finally, it was time to play the favourite Christmas game…Quarter Frenzy. Valerie and Elizabeth did a wonderful job showcasing the prizes and encouraging everyone to keep on bidding! Lots of laughter and smiles were evident as members bid on the variety of prizes…..award winning garlic, honey, bath salts, maple syrup, garden décor and lots of chocolates!!!!

Hands go up for bidding as Valerie and Elizabeth start the quarter frenzy auction.

To finish the evening, a draw was held for the many poinsettias….and more smiles as winners collected their poinsettias to take home. 

The meeting was a great way to start the holiday season with our gardening friends. 

Wishing all members and their families a joyous holiday season and best wishes for 2023!

NOTE: First meeting for 2023 will be Tuesday February 7 @7pm at the Tweed Library. Annual memberships will be available. Guest speaker will be Linda Yorke of The Carpent-Her birdhouses.

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