Volunteer Appreciation Awards

Tweed Horticulture Society received a Volunteer Appreciation Award for 2020 from the Municipality of Tweed recently.

Seen at the presentation are: George Scott (who received his own award, see below), Sheila Scott, Valerie Foran, vice president of Tweed Hort, Councilor Jim Flieler, Joan Morton of Tweed Hort and Mayor Jo-Anne Albert.

Valerie had this to say about the presentation:

Joan and I met last night for the award ceremony in the parking lot by the arena.  We received the award from Mayor Albert and Councillor JIm Flieler.  We all wore masks and maintained social distancing.

George Scott received an award for all of the times he volunteers to help anyone that needs it. Since George and Sheila Scott were at the awards ceremony, I asked them to join us for the social distancing picture of the Horticulture Society.   

Everyone should be proud of our organization and the recognition we received from the Municipality of Tweed.  Hopefully in the new year we will have a meeting and we can show everyone the award.

Thank you to everyone of you, your participation in our society and hard work is what earned us this award. 

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