Tiny Plants for Dry Places

Judy Wall with some of the rock garden plants and concrete garden decorations she brought to show and sell. 
Wall of Rock Wall
Gardens in Perth
spoke about landscaping with alpines and unique rockery plants at the September
meeting of the Tweed and District
Horticultural Society. Through her power point presentation, Judy shared the
many different types of hardy drought tolerant plants available for rock gardens.
a Master Gardener started Rock
Wall Gardens
in 2000. Her property located east of Perth
off Highway #7 was an open farm field when she and her husband purchased the
land. The soil was sandy and rocky and in a drought zone! With so many
challenges to face, Judy certainly rose to the occasion as evident in the later
photos of her outstanding gardens.
planning her gardens, Judy always looks for plants with interesting foliage…after
the flowers die there is always foliage to create interest in the garden.
slide presentation also highlighted one of the newest trends in gardening… “Crevice
Gardening” (turning flat stones, like flagstones, on edge in the garden to
create more depth for roots) which is great for the alpine and rockery plants.  Hypertufa Container Gardening is also another
way to showcase these interesting plants. Judy teaches a course in making
Hypertufa containers from June-September.
provided members with a list of alpine and unique rockery plants that are
available at her nursery. She displayed some of the interesting garden art that
she has created and is for sale. She also teaches a stained glass workshop
using old window frames….don’t throw out those window frames! For more information,
please call 613-267-6684 or email….jpwall@ripnet.com. Her website is
store in Perth
is open from May 1-mid-August on Tuesday-Sunday from 9am-5 pm.

1… Pumpkin Carving and Sculpting ….Adam Haley from Stirling
will share some of his techniques for pumpkin carving.
are asked to bring a pumpkin related food item to share at break.
12 @10:30….A children’s workshop on pumpkin carving will be held at the
Library. Adam Haley will be demonstrating his amazing techniques to the
children. Volunteers are needed at 10:00 to set-up for the program and to help
the children during the workshop.
19 @ 9 am….Fall clean-up of Moira
Garden, town beds and
26 ….District 3 Fall Meeting at the Library. Only the President and Secretary
can attend. Volunteers are needed to help with the lunch.

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