The Fosters present…

and John Foster were the guest speakers at the March meeting of the Tweed and District Horticultural Society. Due to the
popularity of the speakers, members of the community as well as Tweed
Horticultural members were invited to the presentation at the White Building.
a slide and video presentation, John and Janet shared their adventures, observations
and wildlife encounters on their farm in Hastings County.
April 5…Master Gardener, Doris Power will discuss the
“enemies” in our gardens. She will also share information about the damage
these pests can cause and how they can by eradicated without the use of
April 30…Spring garden cleanup. Meet at Moira Garden
@ 9:00 am
April 8-10…Peterborough Garden
Show at the Evinrude Centre, 911
Monoghan Road…Admission $8.00

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