Super Fruit…

you know that the superfruit for 2015 is the haskap berry? Members of the Tweed and District Horticultural Society welcomed James
and Audrey Potts of Palliser Downs in Foxboro who discussed this superfruit at
the February meeting.
fruit is well known in Japan
as the “Fruit of Life, Longevity and Fruit of Vision”.
a power point presentation, James highlighted this new fruit which looks like
an elongated blueberry. The berry is blue all the way through, unlike the
blueberry which is blue on the outside only. It tastes like a tangy blend of
blueberries, raspberries and blackberries and has 3 times the antioxidants of
blueberries…talk about a healthy fruit!
James said, “If you can kill this bush, you have a gift!” Haskaps are very easy
to grow and maintain. This plant flourishes in any soil, needs little pruning,
doesn’t sucker, bears fruit when very young, needs no fertilizer, blooms can
handle a late frost (-8 C), grows on own root stock and 5-6 ft shrubs are hardy
to -40 C…the perfect plant for the Quinte/Hastings area. The life span of the
shrub is 30-40 years! The berries are ready for picking in late June. The
berries stay on the bushes for about 3 weeks so there it a long picking season!
It works well in a small garden with just 2 plants or on a larger scale. You
will need to purchase two plants for cross pollination.
to James, haskap shrubs will be available at local nurseries this spring.
Listening to the many questions and interest throughout the meeting, these
plants will sellout quickly when spring arrives!
more information on this amazing fruit, check out
March 3
Meeting….Kathryn Aunger and Rosemary Tayler will talk about planting using the celestial
calendar. The workshop will explore ancient teachings and how to use this calendar
to enhance planting and harvesting practices. The calendar will be available
for sale for $18.00.
21…10:30 am… Children’s Workshop with artist Bob Pennycook at Tweed Library.
Children will create a garden scene on a canvas tote bag using sharpie pens!
Maximum 16 children.
pre-register at the Library for this event.
March 13…
Bus Trip to National Home Show and Canada
Blooms at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto
before February 12/$65.00 after that date.
includes admission to both shows and motor coach. Bus leaves Tweed at 7 am from
the parking lot behind Quinn’s of Tweed. For
more information, contact Linda @613-478-6850

March 5-8…International
Home and Garden Show at Metro Convention Centre in Toronto

March 13-22…National Home Show and Canada Blooms at Direct Energy
Centre, Exhibition Place,

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