Shoreline Care

Lindsay Nash, Outreach and Stewardship coordinator for Quinte Conservation outlined the responsibilities involved in caring for shoreline properties at the March meeting of the Tweed and DistrictHorticultural Society. Using a power point presentation, Linsday gave members who own land adjacent to lakes and rivers helpful information to maintain a healthy shoreline.

By definition, “shoreline” is the area where land and water meet and this “ribbon of life” is a vital link providing plants and animals the resources they require to exist. It is essential to properly care for the shoreline on the waterfront property. 

One way to do this is by maintaining/planting a buffer zone of native plants, shrubs, trees along the shoreline. This helps to slow erosion, provide food and shelter for fish and wildlife species and protects the landowner’s property and investment.  And a natural shoreline means less work and more time to enjoy its beauty!

Lindsay mentioned several native species that would help with the naturalization of the shoreline…. white birch, sugar maple, red dogwood, wild roses, swamp milkweed, cardinal flower. She provided pamphlets at the meeting that offered numerous possibilities and listed suppliers in the area. She did stress the importance of“biodiversity” in planting to prevent the area from being wiped out completely in the case of a disease.

Waterfront property owners are always concerned with erosion of the shoreline. Any type of construction along the shoreline requires a permit from Quinte Conservation. Repairs to existing rock walls are permitted but construction of new ones is not permitted. For a fee, Quinte Conservation offers a site visit to assist the property owner with the naturalization of the shoreline on their property

For members who do not have property on a lake or river, Lindsay suggested  making a rain garden. Use a mixture of sand and soil to capture the rainwater. Use native plants in the garden that are both drought and water resistant.

As Lindsay said, naturalizing your shoreline may involve some work initially but the rewards far outweigh the work when you can enjoy the beautiful lakefront views from your property knowing that you have protected that “ribbon of life” on your property.

April 2 MEETING @ 7 pm Tweed Public Library

Christene Gilby, owner of Sun Worshipper Succulents in Belleville will discuss the growing and caring of succulents. She will have some plants for sale…cash only.

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