Plant Based Foods

Louise Nadeau from Cobourg was the guest speaker at the September meeting of the Tweed and District Horticultural Society. Louise is a plant based and whole foods chef and coach offering workshops on this topic. Her presentation highlighted ways for people to incorporate more plant based foods in their daily diet.

As Louise stated throughout her presentation, “Our body wants to be healthy!” How to do this…

-cut out processed food which also helps to eliminate glutton

-add 1 green drink per day either as a smoothie or juice

-move from products to produce

-get support from family and friends

-exercise…walking and even just moving around is good

-be mindful of what and when you eat

-add sprouts to diet

-nuts and seeds should be soaked as the soaking wakes them up and they become alive and more nutritious

During the presentation, Louise demonstrated how she grows her sprouts…a handful of sprouts beats out any multivitamin. She discussed the process of dehydration which she uses to make crackers.

Members were invited to sample sweet potatoes and zucchini mixed with a red pepper dressing. Sprouts were added. There were also energy bars to taste.

For more information on this topic, Louise can be contacted at



October 2…Dorothy and Viren Oogarah will share their garlic growing adventures in their journey to becoming “Eastern Ontario Garlic Grower Champion in 2017”. They will discuss their successes as well as their challenges as they refined their growing practices.



September 18…Clean up of flower beds in the town. Meet at 5:30 pm at Moira Garden.



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