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Carson Arthur, host of the Saturday morning radio show, “Take it Outside” on CJBQ and owner of Carson Arthur’s Garden and Market in the Prince Edward County was the guest speaker at the September Meeting of the Tweed and District Horticultural Society. Members of the community were also invited to attend this presentation which was thoroughly enjoyed by all present.

Carson’s presentation was called, “Going Green” and throughout the presentation, he encouraged audience members to make the best choices for their outdoor spaces. And according to Carson, one of the easiest ways to do this is to “PLANT A TREE”!

Throughout the power point presentation, Carson highlighted facts directly related to our choices about our outdoor spaces. For example, people living in concrete cities are twice as likely to suffer from heat exhaustion as well as cardiovascular, lung and respiratory diseases. And the reason for this is pollution. How do we change this…“PLANT A TREE”!

Low maintenance gardens which are often requested add to this pollution as it limits the green spaces available for trees and gardens. According to research, Carson stated that 3 trees alone will save a homeowner 30% on their yearly hydro bill. 

The concern about water conservation is also another important item to be considered. Canadians use more fresh water that any other country in the world! And where do we use the most water…. watering our grass and gardens. A yard with trees will use 30% less water than a sunny yard. 

With the increase of forest fires in Canada, air pollution is also a major concern. Use native plants in our gardens as well as trees to help clean the air. 

Trees provide homes for wildlife…. bird population has been decreasing due to climate change. We need to “PLANT A TREE” like the Canadian Maple to bring the wildlife back. 

The leaves from the trees provide fertilizer for our plants and grass naturally…so much better for the environment than the commercial fertilizers. So, “PLANT A TREE”!

The tree canopy, especially in urban areas is declining and this is starting to happen in the rural areas as well due to the wind storms and other types of weather that the country has started to experience. Planting trees will help to increase the canopy which in turn will help the environment.

People wanting to have decks built might consider using TREX Decking as no trees are used to make this composite decking material and the decking can safely be recycled…just another way to make a good choice for our outdoor spaces. 

By simply following Carson’s advice to “PLANT A TREE”, homeowners can save money on their hydro bill, fertilizer costs and even increase the value of their home. And even a potted tree can also help the environment. 

Carson’s presentation certainly had the audience talking about the value of planting a simple tree and its impact on the environment. His presentation highlighted many ways to make better choices for our outdoor spaces. Carson concluded his presentation with three simple words… “PLANT A TREE”!

Upcoming Events:

October 3…speaker will be Donna Fano who will be talking about mushroom foraging.

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