Pesky Pests

Doris Power talked about understanding bugs at the April Hort meeting.
to Master Gardener, Doris Power, less than 1% of all bugs are “bad”! Throughout
her presentation at the April meeting of the Tweed and District Horticultural
Society, Doris emphasized the importance for
gardeners to develop an understanding of these bugs in our gardens.
shared her knowledge about various “bugs” that many of the members have
experienced in their gardens.
Produce in masses
Suck sap from plants and transport
diseases to other plants
Ants protect and even move aphids
Look for curling yellow leaves
Remove by hand, prune leaves, blast
from the hose, insect soap are way to get rid of aphids                             
Larvae feast on plants
Eat foliage of tomatoes, potatoes,
eggplant, peppers
Crush egg masses (located on underside
of leaf)
Female can lay 350 eggs from June-late
Vary in size and colour
Come out at night
Place paper rolls around seedlings for
Plant sunflowers around perimeter of
garden to attract cutworms
Important predator to aphids
Like moist shady places
Can destroy vegetable seedlings and
ornamental  plants
Need to be diligent to capture them
Like vegetables and tender leaves
Rough sand, copper bands, dry wood
ashes and dishes of beer at ground level(these must be emptied daily) are ways
to get rid of these pests
        4-LEGGED PESTS…
Moles, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks,
deer, dogs and cats
Fencing, human hair, orange peel (for
cats), live trapping (check municipal bylaws)
Certain plants that animals avoid
….rabbits-rosemary, lavender
…squirrels-daffodils wrapped in mesh bags, chicken wire and mulch in
…deer-spruce, baby’s breath, snowdrops,
daffodils, snap dragon, dusty miller
also suggested planting marigold plants as they deter many insects and basil to
protect tomato plants…plant these throughout the garden.  Soil preparation, crop rotation, plant
diversity, weeding, removing diseased leaves and plants, using pollinators and recording
keeping are all ways to control these pests that all gardeners talk about!!!
 May 3…Dawn Golloher from Gardens Plus will discuss easy
care perennials and this year’s hot new plants. Bring your money as there will
be plants for sale!
 May 21…Annual Plant Sale
at Tweed Memorial Park @ 8 am.
material for the sale should be there by 7am. Please label plants.
 May 31 @ 5:30 pm…Planting the flower beds and planters
in town. Meet in the parking lot across from Valumart.
 May 7…District 3 Spring AGM

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