Penny Vance (left) and Donna Fano with the mushroom display board.
Fano spoke about mysteries of mushrooms in the Quinte area at the June meeting of
the Tweed and District Horticultural Society. Through
her power point presentation, Donna shared many types of mushrooms with the
people don’t want mushrooms growing in their lawns. According to Donna,
mushrooms help to gather water for trees, plants and lawns…so they are a good
thing to have growing in lawns. In return for providing water, the trees and
plants produce carbohydrates for the mushrooms that are unable to do this.
provided the audience with several keys to mushroom identification…caps, gills,
attachment to cap, stalk, base, smell, taste(be careful of this!!!), habitat
and season of growth. Donna continually cautioned the audience about tasting
mushrooms….start by tasting a very small amount to ensure that your digestive
system can tolerate it.
photos showed the audience the wide range of mushrooms that grow in the Quinte
1st… Flowerama at the Park
set-up….7:00 am
groupings of cut flowers, house plants and planters for display under the Big
Top! Remember to pick up plants at 4:00 pm
display…submits 4×6 photos (not used in 2012) on 5×7 card stock. Include name
on back. Hand in to Library or call Joan for pick-up by June 15th.
6th…Friends of the Tweed
Library Garden
Tour. Call Terry daSilva for more info-613-478-1791
6th…Pot Luck Dinner. Bring chair, cup, plate and cutlery and your
favourite pot luck dish and dessert to share! Don’t forget your appetite!
17th…Clean-up of town flower beds prior to Elvis Festival…9 am

3rd…Judy Wall of Rock Wall Gardens
in Perth will
be the guest speaker at the meeting. Judy will suggest hardy drought tolerant
plants for rock gardens.

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