On Your Mark, Get Ready, for Christmas

 Roseanne Ballast of Stonepath Greenhouses launched the Christmas season for members of the Tweed and District Horticultural Society at the November meeting. Through several demonstrations, Roseanne showed members how to create outstanding Christmas arrangements for both indoors and outdoors.

According to Roseanne, a pot/container filled with soil works well for outdoor arrangements. An oasis soaked in water can also be used.  Using different types of greenery…pine, cedar, spruce, hemlock and boxwood will lend a professional touch to arrangements. She suggested using white pine as a “spiller” as it will soften the arrangement. Cedar creates an interesting texture and dogwood adds that hint of a colour. Of course, “glitz” is popular during the festive season. For balance, Roseanne suggests using uneven numbers of these glitz decorations.

Using a metal wreath frame, Roseanne created a wreath of natural greenery. The greenery is wired onto the frame. A bow adds a touch of colour.

Roseanne also demonstrated indoor centre pieces for the holiday season. An oasis needs to be cut to fit the container. This oasis must also be wet to preserve the greenery and flowers indoors. Use real flowers add colour to the arrangement. The flowers do not last as long as the greenery, so Roseanne suggested simply replacing the flowers when they die! A good piece of advice shared by Roseanne is to keep table arrangements low so people can easily talk across the table!

The highlight of the evening came when Roseanne invited members to create a Christmas angel. She supplied the angel frame (made from barn board and cedar),  greenery, wire and ribbons….and the room was suddenly filled with beautiful angels that members were proud to take home for the festive season…..the Christmas season had certainly started in Tweed!


 December 5Christmas Pot Luck Dinner @ 6 pm. Bring your favourite pot luck dish, dessert, plate, utensils and wine glass. There will be the annual power point presentation of the club’s activities throughout 2017. Bring quarters to play “Quarter Frenzy”….always a lot of fun!

Volunteers are needed to help set up for the dinner. Meet at the library at 1:00 on December 5th.

 December 9…Children are invited to create a Christmas ornament. All materials will be supplied. The event tales place at the Tweed library at 10:00. Please pre-register.

 December 15…Luncheon at Club 213 at Loyalist College at noon.


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