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Many enthusiastic members of the Tweed and District Horticultural Society welcomed Victoria Whitney of Griffin’s Greenhouses in Peterborough to their April meeting. The longer and occasionally warm sunny days are helping to get everyone in the mood for gardening! As Victoria repeatedly said throughout her presentation, “It’s coming, it’s coming!”

During July and August, Victoria visits the Trial Gardens, which are located in the Niagara region to see the newest trends for the following growing season. These gardens are located in the Niagara region.


-heat tolerant plants-succulents are great for this; can be planted in pots, bird baths; tropical succulents need to be wintered indoors

-low maintenance gardens that still manage to look breathtaking…shorter bushy plants to avoid the necessity of staking

-houseplants are making a comeback…remember those snake plants that our grandmothers grew…..well they are part of the Home Décor for 2019!

“gardens that give back”…butterfly gardens, use of native plants, growing own food

-colour of the year….”Living Coral”

Through a power point presentation, Victoria highlighted some of the beautiful plants that will be available at Griffin’s Greenhouses this spring…

-cana lilies that bloom continuously


-Papaya Tattoo Vinca…great for hot dry summer

-Caramia Yellow coneflowers…multiple heads, stocky, sunny location, fast rate of growth

-Amazel Basil…heat tolerant, resistant to mildew, high yield, sweet savory flavor

-Wildberry Heuchera…purple cast to leaves

-Atlantis Sedum

-Fall in Love Sweetly Anemone

-Little Miss Sunshine sedum

-Leading Lady Orchid Monarda…attracts bees, hummingbirds, butterflies

-Indiglo Girl Salvia…attracts bees, butterflies

-Wizard of Ahhs Veronica

Temp Yellow Geum…loved by pollinators

-Invincibelle Wee White Hydrangea….small blooms, partial shade, June-Oct blooming, zones 3-4, however,for our area, best to plant Anna Belle and Lime Light

-and for the rose lovers….At Last Rose…has a fragrance, disease resistant, blooms throughout summer, easier care as that is the trend for 2019!

Throughout her presentation, Victoria stressed the importance of planting zone appropriate material in our gardens.

Victoria ended her presentation with these encouraging words….”It is going to thaw  and it is almost time to start planting!” Everyone left the meeting with a smile looking forward to getting into their gardens soon!


April 2 ….Victoria Whitney of Griffin’s Greenhouses in the Peterborough area will share the new plants for 2019.

April 26 from 5-9, April 27 10-5 and April 28 10-4…Peterborough Garden Show at Fleming College,


 Admission $10

May 18…Plant Sale at Tweed Memorial Park; Plant drop off by 7am, sale opens at 8am


April 27…Spring AGM hosted by Rideau Lakes Group. If you wish to attend, please register with our club.

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