Native and Rare

Peter Fuller from Fuller Native and Rare Plants.
On March 4, Peter Fuller, owner of Fuller
Native and Rare Plants in Belleville, showered members of the Tweed and
District Horticulture Club with the beauty of springtime.
has combined his lifelong interest in horticulture with a fascination of the
natural world by opening a nursery that specializes in propagating (from seed)
perennials, grasses, ferns, shrubs and trees that are native to the Great Lakes
Region as well as specialty Arisaema and rock garden plants. 
With his inspirational pictures, Peter
took us on a photographic journey through a variety of habitats, introducing us
to native plants that can survive in a range of conditions.  From the radiance of the brilliant red
Cardinal Flower growing in very moist, rich soil to the intrigue of the
delicately patterned Butterfly Weed surviving in sandy, well-drained soil,
Peter helped us to understand that we can propagate native plants from seed to
benefit all of our gardens. 
Our beautiful native species are both food
and host plants for many pollinators and they help to promote biologically
diverse and sustainable landscapes. 
Peter’s encouraging words and the packages
of seeds he made available to us filled all present with the warmth and hope of
the coming season of new growth.  For
more information, check Peter’s website:
March 14…Bus Trip to National Home Show and Canada
Blooms at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. Cost is $65. For more
information, please contact Linda @613-478-6850.
April 8 Meeting….PLEASE NOTE
….Susan Chan will speak about the
characteristics, behaviours and habitats of native bees. This promises to be a
very informative evening that will hopefully inspire us to protect the  bees that live in our gardens.
Peterborough Garden Show at the Evinrude
Centre, 911 Monaghan Rd, Peterborough. Admission $7 Friday April 11… 5-9 pm,
Saturday April 12… 10 am-6 pm and Sunday April 13…10 am-4 pm.

Get a head start on your spring planters.
Check Stonepath Greenhouses in Tweed @613-478-1675 and Farmgate Gardens in
Foxboro @613-967-1581 for workshop dates.

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