Making Hypertufas

Our president hard at work.
Many members
of the Tweed Horticultural Society enjoyed a “hand-on” workshop making
hypertufa containers during the June meeting. The workshop was held in the garden of President Joan’s home and many members
took a walk around her beautiful lush flower beds and veggie patch!
The members
arrived carrying a variety of containers, hosta and rhubarb leaves as well as
bug spray and bug jackets. However, gentle breezes kept the bugs away as everyone
worked on their creations….or perhaps everyone was too busy creating that they
did not notice the bugs!!!

A cement mixer
mixed the various mixtures for the participants and the mixture was
wheelbarrowed to a giant wagon where everyone worked and helped each other.
Advice and assistance was readily available for “newbies”. Members added
decorative stones to their creations and lines for the veins in the leaves and
of course everyone was reminded to sign their name on their “work of art”!
products were bagged to be taken home. Everyone was instructed to keep the
planter in the bag for at least 24-36 hours to allow for slow drying.
Members were
encouraged to bring their planted hypertufa to the Tweed Fair in July as part
of the group’s display at the Fair.
…Tweed Fair. Members are encouraged to bring some of their
planters or flowers to set up a Club display on Saturday at the Fair. Set-up is
8 am on July 5th.
Members are
encouraged to enter some of the categories that the Horticultural Group is
sponsoring at the Fair. A $5.00 fee per entry is required by adults and there
is no charge for juniors. For more info please contact Linda @613-478-6850.


Conference in Cornwall. 

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