How To Build A Birdhouse

Linda Yorke

Linda Yorke, of The Carpent-Her, will join us at our Feb. 7 meeting to discuss building a birdhouse. Meeting starts at 7 p.m. at the Library.

In her own words:

My name is Linda Yorke, The Carpent-Her.  I was raised on a farm north of Toronto between Keswick and Sutton in a little village called Belhaven.   I’ve always had a love for the land and nature.  I started building birdhouses as a way to keep myself busy after retirement.

Success of your birdhouse depends on the design of your nesting box as it relates to the species you are trying to attract.  Take for example a chickadee vs a Hairy WoodPecker.

We will cover how to build a basic birdhouse. What is important to the health and safety of the bird.  What are the most important features to include in your design to keep our feathered friends safe and healthy.  What tools are required.  Where to hang the birdhouse, how high, which way should it face and when to clean.

Building your own nesting box and seeing a family move in to raise a family is so rewarding.  A birdhouse is a wonderful addition to any garden.

Let’s learn how to build a birdhouse!

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