Herbs for Living

After a very hot and very dry  summer, many members of the Tweed and District Horticultural Society were wondering what to do with the herbs that they had lovingly nurtured during this summer…..well Brad Smith and Michelle Cole of Herb Haven in Napanee shared many ideas with the group at the September meeting.

Herb Haven was started in 2010 as a “retirement” project for Brad and Michelle. Their goal was to promote and educate people on the benefits of herbs. Their presentation certainly highlighted the many benefits of herbs for the audience.

Herbs are a rich source of vitamins A (for vision and cell development…good source is dill), C (for immune system…good sauce is thyme) and K (for blood and bones…good source is parsley).

Herbs are also a source of minerals…calcium (in marjoram), iron (in summer and winter savory), zinc (in tarragon) and magnesium (in sage).

Brad and Michelle also pointed out the spiritual, medicinal, culinary and aromatic values of herbs in our lives.

So what to do with those herbs that we nurtured during one of the hottest, driest summers on record…..bring  them indoors for  the winter…place in indirect light and limit the watering. You can enjoy the fresh herbs all winter and plant them in the garden next year! Another suggestion was to freeze the herbs for use during the winter months. Also drying your herbs to use in herbal teas…as simple as placing the herbs between 2 screens and clamping together and letting dry in the sunlight.

Did you know that herbs are cholesterol free, an excellent source of protein and natural fiber….seems like they are the perfect food!!!

For more information about Herb Haven, check their website….www.herbhaven.ca.


September 18…Trip to Potters’ Settlement Winery…2:00 pm…no charge

September 20….Clean up of town beds. Meet at Moira Gardens at 5:30pm

October 4…Jenna Empey of Prince Edward County will share her experiences in organic agriculture and fermentation. Dorothy Hunt, from Tweed will demonstrate how to dehydrate foods like onions, garlic and carrots to be used in soups and stews.

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