Garden Art for Cheapskates

Dianne and Gary Westlake ( of Peterborough were the guest speakers at the Tweed and District Horticultural Meeting on June 7, 2011. The topic of their presentation was “Garden Art for Cheapskates”

Using a power point presentation, Dianne and Gary gave many helpful tips and ideas to enhance gardens “on the cheap”. As Diane stated, they do not like to throw anything out, so they are always looking for news way to reuse items in their garden.

Gary said that garden art sets the tone for a garden but he also warned the audience that more is not necessarily better. Dianne and Gary get their ideas by touring gardens and incorporating ideas they have seen into their own garden…..gardeners are always so willing to share their ideas with each other according to Dianne.

Garden art can be as simple as painting on an interestingly shaped rock or hanging a bed spring on a wall for clematis to climb on.

Many tips were given throughout the presentation. To make cooper looked aged, Dianne suggested using vinegar and salt and spraying the solution on the copper. Stepping stones can be made by using cement and extra large leaves like elephant ears or rhubarb. Dianne feels all gardens need stepping stones to walk on during the spring when gardeners are dying to get out into the garden as soon as the last bit of snow melts! Mushrooms can also be simply made using cement, a colander lined with plastic and a yogurt container for the stem. Or cut a sonic tube to a width of 3 inches, fill with cement and add a Dollar Store trivet.

If you are creating a pathway in the garden, ensure that it is wide enough for 2 people to walk along together (5 feet). Forget about the landscape fabric; remember cheap…just use layers of newspaper and add gravel on top of the newspaper.

The Westlakes’ garden will be featured in Garden Central, August 2011 issue. As they said during the talk…..they just try to put something of themselves in their garden and their presentation certainly illustrated that point.

FLOWERAMA….Friday July 1 at Tweed Memorial Park

Members are asked to bring their displays to the park by 9:00 am on July 1. Sheila Frost, Committee Chair asked members to bring their containers with annuals, perennials and hanging baskets to be displayed. She also suggested categories where the members can use their gardening expertise and creative skills….

•Water and Time Savers

•Cut Flowers arranged in a favourite container

•Hosta La Vista…hosta in containers

•Candles and flowers

•Herbs and Edibles

•Garden Ornaments, indoor plants

•Anything you would like to “show off”

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