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Tweed and District Horticultural Society welcomed Astrid Muschalla to the March meeting.

Astrid who resides on Wolfe Island has been part of Doors Open tours, CTV Garden of the Month as well as showcasing her gardens in various garden tours. She is an active member of SOUL…Society of Organic Urban Land Care.  Astrid’s website can be found here here.

Her power point presentation certainly highlighted the “better way” to look after the soil in our gardens and lawns. Since pesticides do not help our ecosystems, there is a need to take action to protect the earth’s ecosystem. Pesticides do not cure plant deficiencies but they DO poison the soil for developing organisms.

According to Astrid, the ideal soil is 25% air, 25% water, 45% minerals and 5% organic matter. Having that 5% organic matter will reduce the need to water as organic water is great for water holding capacity…and after last summer’s heat and lack of rain, this is important for all gardeners to know. Minerals should not be added to soil unless a professional soil test is done.

Conventional practices of feeding plants with commercial products will kill the insects and pests but does not promote healthy plant growth. Therefore, the pests will return as they thrive on unhealthy plants.

Clover is an added bonus to lawns as it promotes a healthy environment to grass to grow.

Best compost is your own…as Astrid stated, “You would be surprised what goes into some commercial compost!” As a follow-up to her presentation, Astird encouraged members to attend the meeting on March 21 as Dr Judy Krzyzanowski will address the issue of commercial compost.


 March 21 Re-scheduled meeting from February 7….Dr. Judy Krzyzanowski will highlight the regulations governing packaged compost as well as telling how to make our own.

Annual dues can be paid at the meeting….$12 per individual or $16 family

April 7, 8, 9…Peterborough Garden Show takes place at the Evinrude Centre, 911 Monaghan Road.

April 22…Tweed and District Horticultural is hosting this year’s AGM. If you can volunteer, please contact Elizabeth. The cost is $20 per person if you wish to attend the meeting. Pre-registration is needed.

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