Jenna Empey shared her knowledge of fermentation at the October meeting of the Tweed and District Horticultural Society. Jenna has over ten years experience in organic gardening and fermentation. She began a small business in Prince Edward County that focuses on the natural fermentation of sauerkrauts, kimchi, brined vegetables and pickles.

According to Jenna, eastern Ontario is a great area to grow high quality vegetables. She only uses local vegetables for her fermentating.  Fermented foods is the new buzz word for one of the oldest way to preserve foods.  All it takes is sea salt, vegetables and time…very low tech the way that Jenna described the process!

Fermentation is good for the digestive system as it contains good bacteria. Fermentation also increases the nutrients in vitamins.

The evening concluded with a demonstration on making a sauerkraut ferment. Jenna started with 10 cups of shredded cabbage and 1.25 tsp of sea salt. Wearing rubber gloves, she massaged and pounded the cabbage and salt mixture…amazing amount of liquid resulted. She then packed the mixture in a mason jar and pressed down with her pounder to pack it into the jar. Cleaning the inside of the jar will help prevent mould from developing. She then filled a small plastic bag with water and placed it on top of the cabbage mixture…to weigh down the cabbage. The lid was placed on the jar…Jenna cautioned the members to “burp” the jar to allow gases to escape. She suggested keeping the jar on the counter for 4 days and taste…if it is acceptable, place in fridge. If not, keep on counter and test on a daily basis until the the desired taste is achieved.

Jenna encouraged member to mark August 4,2018 on their calendars as the Ontario Fermentation Festival is being held at the Crystal Palace in Piction…a great way to learn more about this process through displays, workshops and speakers.


 November 7…Rosanne Ballast of Stonepath Greenhouses will demonstrate Christmas decorations for both inside and outside using local greenery and other natural products.

AGM will also be held at the November meeting.

November 15…Volunteer hours are due. Please submit hours by email to info@tweedhort.ca or call 613-478-5535 for more information.



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