Easy-Care Perennials

Dawn Tack of “Gardens Plus” was the guest speaker at Tweed and District Horticultural Society’s May meeting. Dawn’s presentation showed the evolution of her “gardenless” property near Peterborough to a beautiful oasis of hostas, day lilies and many “low maintenance” perennials. Dawn’s goal is to enjoy her garden-not just work in it. According to Dawn, you don’t need to sacrifice colour, texture or foliage to achieve a garden of easy care perennials. Since Dawn lives in the country, drought resistant perennials are important and she uses mulch as well. Throughout her presentation, Dawn advised members to be aware of the importance of light on their plants. If a plant seems to be doing poorly, there’s a good chance it’s getting either too much or too little sunlight….simply move the plant and try in a new location! As Dawn says, “You might be pleasantly surprised!”

Dawn’s presentation concluded with a slide of her extensive gardens surrounding her farmhouse…..”What a journey and loving it!”

For more information about “Gardens Plus”, check out the website at http://www.gardensplus.ca/


1. Plant Sale…Tweed Memorial Park, May 21@8am

2. Flowerama…”Under the Tent” at Tweed Memorial Park, July 1

…Some theme ideas for plantings…hostas in pots, planting in terra cotta pots, candle arrangements

JUNE 7….Meeting will feature Diane and Gary Westlake on the topic of “Garden Art for Cheap Scapes”.

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