Earth Haven Farm

Aric Aguonie of Earth Haven Farm

Tweed and District Horticultural Society welcomed Aric Aguonie of Earth Haven Farm as the guest speaker at the April meeting. Using a power point presentation, Aric shared highlights of the farm and the various programs offered.

Aric is the General Manager of the 200 acre family owned business on Vanderwater Road in Thomasburg. The farm is demeter certified meaning that the agricultural practices used on the farm are “a step above organic.”  A requirement of this certification is that there are animals on the farm as a source of manure which is the main ingredient used in compost. The farm is home to a herd of Scottish Highland cattle. 

Aric’s main passion is the soil and developing the right soil to grow his crops. He constantly works the soil to make it right for the plants. He uses lots and lots of his animal compost in his soil. 

Everything produced on the farm is naturally raised with integrity and spirituality. The overall goal of his farm is an ever evolving journey to ensure that something is left behind for future generations. 

Several programs are offered through Earth Haven Farm:

-seedling sale in the spring

-CSA Food Boxes…. weekly or biweekly delivery of farm produce to locations in Tweed, Foxboro and at the farm…check website for details

-Food Sovereignty Project…one or two days a month, people gather at the farm to plan, plant seeds, weed, water, harvest and save the seeds for next year; there is always a social aspect to these days as the people enjoy a meal together, sing, share stories and socialize…check website for more details on this project

In conclusion Aric admitted that gardening is filled with many challenges but he enjoys looking for ways to overcome these challenges.

For additional details about Earth Haven Farm, please check their website…

Upcoming Events:

April 29…Rosanne Ballast of Stonepath Greenhouses and Landscaping will talk about planting and composting at the Tweed Library @ 11 am.

May 2  Meeting… 506 Tailgate Creations…a mother/daughter team who create whimsical glass art using recycled glass.

May 20…Plant Sale 

July 21-23…OHA Convention in Kanata



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