Daylily Gardens

Barry Matthie stands next to Elizabeth Churcher, co-president of Tweed Hort, and Maggie Goode, his partner while being photographed for the local newspaper.










Although eastern Ontario is experiencing a colder April than normal, it is the anticipation that spring will be here soon that enticed members of the Tweed and District Horticultural Society to attend the April meeting to hear about daylilies. Barry Matthie, grower, owner and breeder of Bonibrae Daylilies in Bloomfield shared his passion for daylilies at the meeting. His daylilies have won many awards from the Ontario Daylily Society.

Barry has hybridized over 80 daylilies throughout the years. It takes approximately 5 years to develop a new strain. To propagate, Barry collects seeds in the fall just as the seed heads start to break open. The seeds are put into small pots and left in the refrigerator over the winter. In early spring, they’re planted directly in the ground. Barry has developed a great variety of colourful unique daylilies.

Members were invited to visit his farm on Matthie Road in the county. Best time to visit is during the peak flowering season from July to early August. No potted plants are available, as Barry will simply dig up a clump from the garden and put into a bag for you to take home!

For hosta lovers, they also sell hostas and oriental poppies….definitely a great place to plan to visit!


April 13-15….Peterborough Garden Show at the Evinrude Centre, 911 Monaghan Road. Show hours are Friday April 13, 5 pm-9 pm, Saturday April 14, 10 am -5 pm and Sunday April 15, 10 am – 4 pm.

 May 1…Dawn Golloher of Garden Plus near Peterborough will share some of her new easy care perennials. Dawn’s focus is growing plants that require very little maintenance once established in the garden. There will be plants for sale at the meeting. NOTE: This meeting will be held at the White Building.


 April 28….District 3 Spring AGM hosted by the Stirling Horticultural Club. Please register with our club if you re interested in attending.

April 28…Clean up of flower beds in the town. Meet at 9 am at Moira Garden.




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