Backyard Birds

Our March meeting will feature guest speaker Kyle Blaney talking about birds you might find in your backyard.

Kyle uses his photographs to show a sample of birds that might show up at your bird feeder, with advice about their favourite food and behaviour, as well as recordings of their sounds. He also explains how he uses citizen science projects eBird and iNaturalist to help plan birding vacations. Kyle’s insights will encourage you to connect with the fascinating world of birding in your own backyard and beyond.

Kyle Blaney ( is an avid birdwatcher from Belleville on a mission to identify 50 species in all of Canada’s 290 eBird regions. He is a data analyst for Shad Canada (, a non-profit that provides unique youth experiences. Kyle is a strong believer in citizen science, having contributed 6500 eBird photographs and 7700 iNaturalist observations. His images have been published in Canadian Geographic and birding magazines in Canada and the United States. He can be followed on Instagram at @kblaney.

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