The Autumn Garden

Cutting back perennials and visiting the local garden centre to purchase that mandatory mum plant are how many people prepare their gardens for Fall. Through a colourful slide presentation, Phil Kennedy, a Master Gardener from Prince Edward County showed members of the Tweed Horticultural Society how colour, form and texture in the garden can lead to a beautiful Fall landscape. And there is no need to rush to the garden centre to purchase that mum plant!

A variety of conifers and deciduous trees in a garden add beauty to the landscape especially in the Fall. Some of Phil’s favourites are Golden Ginko, Red Maple, Golden Eclipse and Purple Diablo Ninebark. From personal experience, Phil reminded the audience to do their homework when designing their garden. It is important to read the labels on trees and shrubs regarding height and diameter. Another point to keep in mind when planting is that deciduous trees change colour at different times throughout the Fall.

Visiting the Garden Centre in the Fall is a good time to purchase trees and shrubs as they are usually on sale. Mass planting is more effective in large country gardens.

Rose hips add both colour and interest to a Fall garden. Phil recommend NOT to deadhead roses after the end of August in order to encourage the formation of the hips and strengthen the canes.

Grasses add elegance to Fall gardens. Some of Phil’s favourites were Miscanthus, Pampus Grass and Zebra Grass. Leaving the grass until spring to cut back adds interest to the garden in winter.

Perennials like Russian Sage add colour, form and texture to the Fall landscape. Mass planting of annuals such as zinnias adds colour until the frost comes.

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