First Meeting in Forever!!

Tweed and District Horticultural Society held its first meeting since the pandemic on Sept 7 at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church’s community garden. Elizabeth Churcher, a member of both the church and the horticultural society spoke about the community garden.

According to Elizabeth, the Environmental Team at the church applied for a New Horizon’s Grant to establish the garden. They received just over $12,000.

The garden serves many purposes in the community…

  • to provide food for pollinators and people in the community
  • to serve as a teaching garden
  • to provide a relaxing place in the community to visit, find peace and enjoy the garden

Once the grant was received, garden structures were built, seeds were ordered and started. From May to October the garden was planted and maintained.

Fresh produce from the garden is delivered to the local food bank.

In the fall, seeds are collected and sorted to start the planning for next year’s garden.

Some photos from the garden…….

We’re Back!!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2022

Tweed & District Horticultural Society

Returns with 1st Fall Outdoor Meeting Following Covid


St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Community Garden

55 Victoria St. N, Tweed

Elizabeth Churcher, member of both the horticultural society and St. Andrews will lead a tour of the garden giving details about the vegetable and pollinator sections along with stories about activities in the garden. Everyone Welcome. Free Admission. Bring a chair