Anna Talks about Grasses

Anna Mizyn of Anna’s Perennials in Lindsay.

Anna Mizyn shared her love of perennial grasses at the June meeting of the Tweed and District Horticultural Society. Anna is the owner of Anna’s Perennials  located in Lindsay.

According to Anna, there are more than 10,000 species of grasses. Her power point presentation highlighted many of the different grasses that she grows in her own gardens. An interesting tip she shared was using her weed whacker to cut down the grasses in the early spring…so much faster than using shears!!!

Why do people plant grasses in their gardens…


-largely unaffected by diseases and pests

-great variety of size and form

-rustling sound in the wind

-deer resistant

-can add height to a garden and even become a focal point of a garden

Anna also spoke about her hardy cacti and succulents that she also grows in her gardens. Cacti and succulents are great plants for gardens as they require no water and are easy to grow. The flowers on the cacti are beautiful.

Visitors are welcome to visit Anna’s gardens….63 Shoreview Road, Lindsay, ON. Anna can be contacted at 705-799-0062 or by email

Members work their way through the boxes of plants Anna brought to the meeting.


 July 27-29…OHA Convention in Kingston

August 7…Pot Luck Dinner at  Dave and Rhonda Derrington. Remember to bring your chair, a pot luck main dish and a dessert and your own plates, cups and utensils. Don’t forget a plate for your dessert!!!!

September 4…Join Louise Nadeau, a plant based whole food chef and coach as she discusses how we can easily incorporate more plant based food in our daily diet.


July 17, August 14…Clean up of flower beds in the town. Meet at 6 pm at Moira Garden.

Tweed Agricultural Fair…Theme is “Twist and Shout so 50,s”. Members are encouraged to enter items in the Fair. All entries must be set up by Friday at noon. Tweed and District Horticultural Society sponsors some of the horticultural items. For more information about the Fair, please check



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