A Tisket, A Tasket…

Tyner was the guest speaker at the April meeting of the Tweed
and District Horticultural Society. Naneen, who resides south of the community
of Marlbank decided 22 years ago that she wanted to learn to make baskets.
After taking a course at Loyalist College in Belleville,
she was “hooked on baskets”.
beautiful baskets are completely hand woven with no glue or nails. She uses a
variety of reeds depending on the width needed for a particular style of basket.
Although, Naneen uses Rit dye for dying her reeds, tea and sumach leaves are
also good dying agents, she says. Oak handles are frequently used in her
baskets. Minwax stain is used to protect the baskets.
a variety of soaked reeds, Naneen demonstrated making a “blueberry basket” to
members at the meeting. She was planning on making a strawberry basket but had
no red reeds, so she quickly changed to a blueberry basket when she noticed
that the reed bucket was filled with blue-dyed reeds! Her skill set was evident
as she assembled the basket and explained the steps involved….reeds need to be
wet..but not too wet, always remembering where you started the weaving with each
row (although she did admit that using clothes pegs helped her in that area),
and the pulling and shaping of the basket is critical throughout the weaving
process. Although the techniques of weaving the reeds under and over made the
process look simple,  Naneen’s skill was
evident as she wrapped the reeds to produce a professionally made basket in an
hour’s time!
offers classes at her home in Marlbank for $60.00 including all supplies and
lunch…and no one goes home until the basket in completed! Everyone will work on
the same style of basket during the class. For more information, on classes or
purchasing one of Naneen’s baskets, please contact Naneen at  naneen.t@gmail.com
The Tweed Horticultural is planning on having Naneen conduct a basket making
class in the spring and fall. Cost would be $60.00…location of workshop and
style of basket to be decided.
will also be on the Tweed and Area Studio Tour
on the last weekend of September.
April 18…10:30 am @Tweed Library…making
tissue flowers with Joan Morton.
May 5..Meeting…Come out and see the latest gardening
tools presented by Lee Valley Tools. Place an order and get 5% discount and
free shipping on most items. Cheques and credit cards only…no cash. There will
be no guest fee for this meeting.
May 9…Meet at the Moira Garden
@ 9:00 for spring clean-up of the flower beds.
May 14…Meet at Joan Morton’s house@ 1:30 to prepare for
the annual plant sale. Rain date…May 15
May 16…Annual Plant Sale
at Tweed Memorial Park. Set-up @ 7am. Please
attach a label or photo to plants to assist with identification for shoppers. If
you require more information or need plants picked up, please call Joan
@613-478-6115 before May 13.
June 15…Bus Trip to Winery and Gardens…Gardens Plus in
Peterborough, Goldenbrook Hostas in Blackstock, Archibald Orchards and Estate
Winery and Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens to see the annual peony display.
Cost is $45.00 per person.
May 2…District 3 AGM
in Bath

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