A Lesson on Growing Lavender

Lori Kelly (right) was the guest speaker at our recent meeting. She brought along some of her lavender products to sell and they were a big hit. On the left is Elizabeth Churcher, one of the rotating presidents of the Society.

There was a great turnout at the Tweed and District Horticultural Society November meeting to learn about lavender in a presentation given by Lori Kelly and her husband, Bernie of Stone Mills Lavender. Her power point presentation highlighted their fields, the distilling process and the products they produce.

When Lori retired in 2019, she decided to grow lavender at their farm. They started with 60 lavender plugs the first year and then jumped 700 in the second year! Lori admitted they “learned as they went” …. somethings worked and others not so much. 

Their farm is located on a hill which provides excellent drainage as lavender plants do not like wet roots. Six hours of sunlight is also required. Locating “just the right” landscape fabric to help control weeds and water was a bit of a challenge. Lori feels they have solved that issue.

Although lavender can be propagated, Lori prefers to purchase plugs from a reliable source. Bonemeal is added to the soil in the spring to give it a “boast”. To winterize, the plants are covered with burlap. Their plants are pruned in the spring.

Lori often cuts her lavender before it is fully open -usually mid-July-more vibrant colour and stronger fragrance.  When cut, the lavender is tied in bundles and then hung upside down in a cool dark place. 

Using her lavender, Lori produces essential oils, hydrosol, bug spray, salve, sun blocker….all made with natural ingredients.

Members did some Christmas shopping from the selection of products Lori had for sale at the meeting.

Upcoming Events:

December 5 Meeting…. Details to be announced

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