Door Prize Donations 2019



February                             Rasa Baltutis

                                                Rhonda Derrington

                                                Gale Stafford

March                                   Linda Holmes

                                                Joan Morton

                                                Helen Johnston-Cassidy

                                                Beryl Austin

April                                     Audrey Thomas

                                                Valerie Foran

                                                Cathy Anderson

                                                Violetta and Dawson Wel

May                                        Jennifer Bagshaw

                                                Jean Clark

                                                Zita Goulet

                                                Myrna Mahoney

June                                     Penny Vance

                                                Darlyne Pennycook

                                                Barb Goo

September                       Viren & Dorothy Oogarah 

                                                Elizabeth Churcher

                                                Darlene Elson

                                                Nancy Webber

October                             Janet Kennedy

                                                Diny & Burt Hielema

                                                Judy & Fred King

November                         Deb Giles

                                                Jo-Anne Linnard

                                                George & Sheila Scott

December                         We are looking for donations for the Quarter Freenzy Draw

                                                Please let us know if you are able to donate.


If your name is not on the list, a donation would still be greatly appreciated.  We have a few months that could use additional volunteers to supply a gift.