Board Message 2018

Time passes and situations change.  2018 has arrived and our Society is without a President but there is no need to despair.  We have a very strong Board that values the work that the Horticultural Society does for our Tweed community and the surrounding area.  Together Board members are committed to taking on the responsibilities of the leadership of our organization, making it stronger than it has ever been!  We are so blessed with willing workers who have a range of skills to share.  — And we need everyone in our Society to take a role in making this work.  Your presence, your moral support, your contributions to meetings or to the plant sale, your helping hands in the garden, your ideas and the little things that you do will all be greatly appreciated and will ensure our success throughout the year.  Of course, your patience will be valued as we strive to refine processes within our new model of operation.

Many things will not change.  You can continue to look forward to our monthly meetings that will offer a range of interesting topics presented by skilled speakers; you can contribute plants to the plant sale on the long week end in May; you can submit entries to the Tweed Fair; you can help to maintain the gardens that add beauty to our wonderful community; you can enjoy trips in the company of friends and fellow gardeners.  — And workshops and other opportunities will engage our young people in activities related to horticulture and will encourage them to incorporate gardening into their daily activities.  

Together, let us celebrate the strength that we have as a collaborative entity and embrace the challenges and the rewards of 2018.  Let us view change as an opportunity to create a bright future for our Society and our Community.     

                                                                        Message by Elizabeth Churcher

                                                                        On behalf of the executive committee