2018 Executive


Contact Information:

Address:  PO Box 591 Tweed, Ontario K0K 3J0

E-Mail:  info@tweedhort.ca

Web Site:  www.tweedhort.ca
OHA Website:  www.gardenontario.org

Regular meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month in the Tweed Public Library, Metcalf Street, starting at 7 p.m.

Membership dues: $12 single; $16 family; juniors (age 8-17) $1 per year;
non-members $3 per meeting


President               Rotating President from Executives

2nd Vice Pres.        Valerie Foran

Secretary               Linda Holmes

Treasurer              Rhonda Derrington

Past Pres.              Elizabeth Churcher

 Board of Directors:

  Darlene Elson                                 Dave Derrington

  Janet Kennedy                               S.M. Joan Morton

 Dawson Welsh                               Joan McTaggart

 Penny Vance


Committee Chairpersons

Plant Sale                              Janet Kennedy & Joan Morton

Tweed Fair                            Joan Morton & Darlene Elson

Lunch                                     Janet Kennedy, Deb Giles & Penny Vance

Bus Trips                                Linda Holmes

Scrapbook                             Darlene Elson & Valerie Foran

Photography                         Darlene Elson, Joan Morton & Bob Pennycook &George Thomson

Publicity                                 Elizabeth Churcher, George Thomson & Linda Holmes

Newsletter                            Linda Holmes & Joan Morton

Village Planting                     Darlene Elson, Linda Holmes & Valerie Foran

Memorial Stones                 Penny Vance

Volunteer Hours                  Jean Clark

Website/Blog                        Bob & Darlyne Pennycook

Children’s Workshop          Joan Morton & Elizabeth Churcher

Phone Committee                Deborah Giles

Phone Tree                           Joan McTaggart, Penny Vance & Rhonda Derrington

Goodwill                                Joan McTaggart